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"changing communities, one bubble at at time"


Working together

Touring the country I have had the privilege of meeting people who are the backbones of their communities. I have seen first hand the difference that local organizations make in their towns. I wanted to find a way to help these people and organizations serve their communities.

That is why I created Circus Pop! The Giant Bubble Show. I wanted to create a show that not only brings communities together but helps raise funds for those organizations who are changing their communities for the better. 

I have helped non-profit organizations raise over $100,000 for their communities. We have built playgrounds, filled food pantry shelves, planted trees, and so much more. 

I look forward to being able to help your organization raise funds to help change your community for the better.

Bubbly blessings,

Logan Jimenez

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How does it work?

Your organization will provide a location for the show. Gyms, cafeterias, fairgrounds, conference rooms, Elks Lodges, and wedding venues are all great venue options. Most schools will donate their gyms for non-profits, like yours, to use for their events. 

We provide $2,000,000 liability insurance, the staffing for the event, and a world class bubble show. We will advertise the show on social media and send you posters that you can post around your community. 

Your organization will receive:

25% of the first 100 advance tickets sold

50% of all additional advance tickets sold

10% of tickets sold at the door

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In 2023 We....

- Bought and forgave over $65,500 of medical debt

- Help plant over 1,300 trees

- Raised money for scholarships

- Supported after school programs

- Help at risk youth programs stay afloat.

in 2o24...

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We look forward to helping non-profit organizations in

- Delaware


- Indiana

- Iowa


- Maryland

- Minnesota


- Missouri


- New Jersey

- North Carolina

- Ohio

- Pennsylvania

- Virginia

-West Virginia

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